Special Inspections per IBC Chapter 17:

Structural Steel Welding & Bolting; Seismic Provisions; Sprayed Fireproofing; Firestops; Reinforced Masonry; Reinforced & Prestressed/Post-Tensioned Concrete; Structural Observations by PE; Special Inspection Coordinator Services

Certified Welding Inspection & Nondestructive Testing:

AWS Certified Welding Inspectors; Nondestructive Testing & Evaluations – VT, PAUT, UT, MT, PT, ET, LT; Fabrication Shop Surveillance – Full or Part-Time; Owner’s Rep Quality Assurance Inspections and Reporting; Welder Qualification Testing per AWS and ASME

Nondestructive Testing Training by ASNT Level III:

Inspector Training, Testing, and Certification; Level III Procedure Writing; Ultrasonics, Phased-Array, Magnetic Particle, Liquid Penetrant

NDT of Concrete – Bridges/Buildings:

Strength Testing; Rebar Detection; Ultrasonics; Strain Gauges; Corrosion Detection and Chloride-Ion Testing

Load Testing of Existing Structures, Fasteners, & Components:

We are able to apply 100 lbs to 1,000,000 lbs

Process Safety Management Services: API and ASME:

Phased-Array and Shearwave Ultrasonics; UT Thickness Testing of Tanks, Vessels, and Piping; API Authorized Inspections:  Above-ground Storage Tanks (653), Process Piping (570), Pressure Vessel (510); Mechanical Integrity Inspections for SPCC Plans; Plant Inspector Training


Structural Design and Details:

Design, Detailing, & Rehabilitation of Steel, Concrete, Masonry, and Wood Structures; Industrial Platforms, Ladders, and Equipment Support; Crane and Hoist Installation; Residential and Commercial Modifications; Seismic Assessment and Upgrade; Wind Load Calculations; Foundation Stabilization; Connection Design & Assessment; Load Capacity Assessment

Existing Building Condition Surveys:

Parking Garages – Delamination Detection; Warehouses – Floor Capacity Testing; Storm Damage Assessment; Cornice and Cantilever Structural Inspections

Load Testing of Existing Structures, Fasteners, & Components:

We are able to apply 100 lbs to 1,000,000 lb

Fall Protection:

Anchor Load Testing (10 year OSHA requirement); Competent Person Anchor Visual Inspection (annual OSHA requirement); Structural Design and Retrofit; Fall Hazard Assessment; Descent (drop) Plan Writing; Client-Specific Policy and Standard Writing

Civil/Site Design and Details:

Site Improvement Plans;  Topographic and Boundary Survey Coordination for City, County, & Sewer/Water District Requirements; Bridge/Roadway Improvement Design and Details